our story
Eureka Gyro believes in quality, fresh ingredients. You’ll notice from the first bite of our Ultimate Chicken Shawarma Wrap or tender beef and lamb Gyro that our food offerings are bursting with flavor. We’ve put countless hours into perfecting each and every sandwich combination. And it doesn't stop there. Our hummus is made fresh daily with a new flavor every two weeks, and you also have the option of creating your own masterpiece. We believe that part of the joy experienced when enjoying food comes from experimenting with different flavors and combinations. That’s why we give you the option of building your own bowl, wrap, or sandwich. Any combination you can dream up is ready for your bowl.

But for those with trusting taste buds, our signature wraps, bowls & sandwiches are right up your alley –  jam packed and stacked high with fresh ingredients.

There’s something for everyone at Eureka Gyro. Thanks for letting us bring our delicious sandwiches to Southeast Michigan and for making us one of the most popular spots in Monroe.